6/ Boredom

Bored to death with art!!

Idea: Visitors are given a map of the gallery with marked top attractions, during brief 10 minutes walk round the spaces they are showed only few main artworks and given ‘boring’ facts about them. By the end of the tour they are handed in an evaluation sheet to fill in with boring questions i.e. were you bored (yes/no); mark on the scale how bored you were (1 – bored slightly 5 – bored to death); would you recommend a boring tour to a/ a friend b/ an enemy c/ both; what could be done to make the tour more boring. A boring piece of cake and a boring cup of tea will be provided to make the filling in the form experience even more boring. As people exit they can choose to take with them one of 3 badges with: bored to death/ how boring / bored – written on them

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