All that tea, all that cake, all these chats

After weeks of indulging the gallery visitors and gallery staff (and myself!) in tea, cake & chat something started emerging. I had said (before I started the occupation of the artists' room) that i want to collect memories of the place and hope that these would inspire me to create tours around the building. Tours that would concentrate on intimate moments. This did not work out.

Instead I have gathered many ideas from very different people for tours around the building that propose to enrich the experience of the 'gallery visit' or on few occasions convert the gallery into a totally different space. Some of them a radical, some of them are very subtle. All are going to be considered. I would like to make at least few of these tours happen. I have my favourite but would like to use democratic tools to choose ideas and allow people to vote!

The voting is going to happen during one day only, on Tuesday 28th July. It will happen in real life - between 10am and 4pm everyone is welcome to visit Artists' Studio in Walsall and vote and have a tea & eat a piece of cake & chat a bit more. The voting will also take place on-line. On Tuesday all ideas for the tours will appear on this blog, and to vote for the one chosen tour it will be enough to post a comment under your favourite idea. Simple (although not as tasty as appear at the gallery in person).

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  1. it sounds so exciting, so I shall have to pop in tomorrow to join in!
    see you then =)