23 artists exhibited next to van Gogh for a minute

Picture of them all above. The artists stand next to their work and their their work hangs next to van Gogh.

Bottom row (from right to left)
van Gogh's work on its own, Anne-Marie Savage, Fran Ortega, Tamar Whyte, Vitesh Vitlani, James Hill

2nd row from the bottom (from right to left)
Deborah Roberts, Yvonne Flavell, Philip Elbourne, Tom Estes, Kim Wan, Richard Parkinson

2nd row from the top (from right to left)
Jain McKay, Colette Lilley, Matthew Moore, Deep, Dhudwar, Tigz Rice, Suza Ward,

top row (from right to left)
Peter Slack + Kim Nicolini, John Quigley, Geraldine Marshal, Kirsty E Smith, Jocelyn Mayor, Joy Turner.

Read Kirsty E Smith's blogpost about the day!

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