The studio - all the reasons for putting wallpaper on

The studio was far too white hence the idea to put wallpaper on.
The studio was in hands of some many people before me hence covering up their presence (with wallpaper)
The studio was not cozy enough to serve tea and eat cake hence adding comforting elements to it (wallpaper)
The studio imposed on my obligation to MAKE something; fearing this might lead to creation of my first sculpture ever or even a painting I quickly decided to do some DIY hence wallpaper on the wall.
The studio looked like a fishtank so I added some water plants.
The studio is going to see a lot of me, I am going to see a lot of the studio. Maybe wallpapering was a way to get to know each other: touch all the creases, check the spirit levels?

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  1. What a decadent collection of teas. These people obviously get too much state funding. What's wrong with just the builder's tea on the right hand side?