On Sunday afternoon in early June it was just 3 of us having tea: Maggie, Tony and me. I was talking about plans to develop a boring tour of the gallery, with boring cake & boring tea as part of it and with only one aim: making sure all people on the tour will be by the end of it bored to tears. The tour idea appeared as a reaction to current expectation that art galleries will be: entertaining, fun, engaging, fascinating & exhilarating places. Maybe there is a slight fear in me that this might change them into art theme parks and there will be nowhere to go just to sit & see.
Maggie other a cup of tea and while chatting about all these boring bits shared with me so much!
She gave me a recipe for a endless youth potion (so much in demand these days): constantly go to places & connect with people that will make you think new thoughts and encourage you to do new things. Apparently trying a cup of a different tea is a good start.

P.S. Maggie - the card arrived and made me read Mad Tea-Party again. Thank you.

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